Racing to beat myeloma!

Thanks to a blog reader and to my blogging friend Beth (, I found out that the International Myeloma Foundation has entered a Toyota racecar design in a contest called Sponsafier. The winning entry will be built as a full sized car, and your votes can help push myeloma awareness across the finish line.

You can vote for this car design every 24 hours (=not just once, that is). When I voted, just a little while ago, the Myeloma model had received only 203 votes. That’s terrible! 

So, c’mon, everyone, let’s get our friends, neighbors and family members to vote. Please post this link everywhere possible–your own blog, myeloma patient forums, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, YourSpace, WhereverSpace, Whoevertwits and Whateverbook–in order to get as many votes out there as possible! Spread the word! Gee, we can do better than 203 votes!

Oh, I was getting so carried away that I almost forgot to post the link, which is:

PLEASE VOTE!!! Click click click! 🙂

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