The VP debate

I managed to stay awake long enough to watch the entire U.S. VP debate last night. Listening to the comments made by journalists and viewers after the debate and then early this morning, though, I began wondering: “did I see the SAME debate that they did?” It didn’t seem possible. For how it is possible for anyone to assert that Gov. Sarah Palin did “well”? WELL??? Why, she didn’t even answer several of the questions posed to her but instead kept going off on irrelevant tangents, repeating the same things over and over and over again, sometimes even using the exact same words she had used moments earlier. I found that absolutely maddening. And that alone confirmed, to me anyway, that she is not very bright…to say the least.

She sounded like someone struggling with a poorly-memorized series of lessons. Inarticulate, at best. And quite frankly I got sick of hearing her repeat that Obama wants to raise taxes (simply not true). Etc. 

I am sure that she must have appeared “cute” to some viewers, with her little winks and smiles and “you betchas” and “doggone its.” But the truth is, we don’t need “cute” in the White House. We need someone who can actually answer questions and deal with tough issues. 

Do we really want someone like Gov. Sarah Palin in the second highest position in the U.S., just a sneeze away from the presidency? Darn and doggone it, we do not. Just my opinion, of course!


  1. I agree with your observations about the debate. I think that because there were such low expectations for her, she got a “pass.” The fact that she didn’t leave the stage in tears means that she did well by their standards. It’s a shame. Is there something wrong with us for wanting smart people running the country?

  2. Thanks for the great website. It is a wonder to me that Sarah Palin is ever taken seriously. I’m loving this election season. It’s nice to wake up in the morning and have your first thoughts to be about this election and not about your health 🙂

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