Jet lag

The flight yesterday was long (8 hours plus) but smooth–i.e., no turbulence over the Atlantic and no thunderstorms in Boston when we landed, just a few insignificant clouds…lucky! I read and also played “Tetris” and “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” on the airplane TV screen…ah yes, that was fun (I don’t play computer games anymore, but I used to play Tetris).

How odd to be back in the States…unreal…and I miss Stefano (who stayed at home with the cats) very much, it’s quite bizarre to be here without him, in fact, it would be bizarre to be anywhere without him!…but it’s been great to see my sister after such a long time, and my niece is flying here tomorrow. And it’s so pretty here… 

Okay, I need to go take my quercetin, fish oil and curcumin, then get ready to fight Mr. Jet Lag and try to keep my eyes wide open and my mind on full alert for the VP debate (should be interesting…). So off I go! I will write some more as soon as I get over all this yawnsnoreyawnzzzzz! Ciao!


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