I know I have been obsessing a bit, ok, a LOT, about the recent VP debate, but I am absolutely infuriated that Sarah Palin was allowed to get away with so many false statements (see La Cootina’s blog for a big one!) and accusations. And with NOT answering questions. Outrageous.

And since when has one of the qualifications for being VP been: don’t say anything TOO STUPID during the one and only VP debate before the election? In my view, this is simply apPALINg.

And here is some more appalling stuff. Take a look at the following excerpt from the VP debate transcript. I randomly chose a couple of sentences pronounced by Sarah Palin:

I think tomorrow morning, the pundits are going to start do the who said what at what time and we’ll have proof of some of this, but again, John McCain knows how to win a war. Who’s been there and he’s faced challenges and he knows what evil is and knows what it takes to overcome the challenges here with our military. Two sentences later, she says, He’ll know how to win a war. 


Setting aside the syntactical gibberish, all this “war winning” nonsense is frightening to me…and reminds me of another issue mentioned almost en passant by Joe Biden during the debate, i.e., that McCain wouldn’t even meet with a close NATO ally: Spain. SPAIN? That really stuck in my mind…at the time, I thought Biden must be wrong.

Well, this morning I looked it up. During a September 18 radio interview, McCain was asked if he would meet with Spanish Prime Minister Zapatero and invite him to the White House. In a nutshell (you can listen to the entire interview on YouTube), the GOP candidate responded vaguely that he would be willing to meet with those leaders who are “our friends” but added that he would stand up to leaders who “wish to harm us.” The implication was that Prime Minister Zapatero was among the latter. This bit of news was not well-received in Spain, as you can imagine. Hmmm, and I thought that McCain’s strong point was foreign policy. That may well be, but one thing seems obvious: the word “diplomacy” is not in McCain’s vocabulary.

All this warmongering talk and hollow patriotic rhetoric gives me the heebie jeebies.

Enough!, I say.

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  1. I’ve been reading your blog since I ran across it looking for info on curcumin (pancreatic cancer dx 2/08). Love your attitude. Welcome to the Cape, hope the weather improves.

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