Curcumin and quercetin powders and extra virgin olive oilI have invented a new dish called “curcustrone.” 😉 Background of the “invention”: the other day I made a huge pot of minestrone, a very rich Italian vegetable soup with beans. Yummy, if I do say so myself. I use all sorts of vegetables, a few herbs and two kinds of beans (Italian cannellini and bortolotti).

Stefano and I like our minestrone mixed up in a blender because the tastes become more homogeneous, which explains why you cannot see any bits of carrot or potatoes or rosemary or spinach or sage floating on the top (photo on the bottom right). So what does minestrone have to do with curcustrone? Well, today, since I had to have a late lunch and Adding the minestrone to the oil/curcumin/quercetin mixdidn’t have enough time to make my curculate (chocolate and curcumin) mixture, plus, to be honest, I was starving, I went ahead and mixed my curcumin and quercetin powders in a bit of olive oil (top left photo, before mixing), heated up a bowl of minestrone, and mixed it all together (bottom photo, showing the minestrone on top of the curcumin oil and beginning to turn orange). This time, I did remember to take a few photos. Not the best photos I have ever taken, but they give an idea of what this concoction looked like. I admit that it tasted a bit odd, but it was still very palatable, and it was a nice change from curculate. A good solution (I hope!) for when I don’t have much time to spare.

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  1. Hey, that concoction is very interesting! Looks good, too!

    Well, we leave for our trip next Friday. I’m SO excited! How is the weather? Do you have any tips on what to wear? I understand everyone in Italy “dresses up”. I guess I’ll have to leave my jeans and sweat-suits home :-(……….Just kidding, it’s Bob who I will have a hard time convincing to leave the ranch wear home.(We Americans love being comfortable 🙂

    Seriously, any travel tips will be much appreciated!

    Thanks and take care,
    Val in Mason

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