Sleeping beautyI tried to do some research and answer e-mails when I got home from teaching this afternoon, but my brain is fried. I can’t put two thoughts together. So I decided to get off the computer for what’s left of the afternoon. No point in pushing it. But first, I wanted to post this recent photo of my second youngest kitty, Priscilla. Since she is my parents’ favourite, the apple of their eye, this photo is for you, Mom and Dad! And, to be honest, right now I feel exactly like my sleeping green-eyed darling! Zzzzzzzzzzz! Well, tomorrow is another day…research can wait. Ok, time for my curculate!

Oh, before I go, though, I received a Google Alert for Scutellaria baicalensis (see my Scutellaria baicalensis page on the right for more info) that might be of interest to anyone suffering from gastrointestinal distress caused by ritonavir:

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