Walking in Our Neighbourhood

View of an olive grove, with Florence in the backgroundWell, I have been a bit lazy this long holiday weekend. Lazy in terms of doing my research and answering e-mails (sorry!), mainly. But today was such a glorious day that Stefano and I went on a nice walk up through the hills behind our street. The last time we walked up there was when it snowed in Florence…two years ago! Shameful. At any rate, we finally had to turn back and go home because of the icy slippery roads. I confess that I am one of those odd creatures that adores cold weather and simply goes bonkers over snow…

A road behind our houseWe live in a very nice neighbourhood of row houses built in the late 1920s and surrounded by hills, cypresses and trees of all sorts, olive groves and fields. It feels as though we live in the country, but we are just a few minutes away from a main busline that takes us downtown in about 20 minutes. It’s a wonderful area. Here are a couple of the photos I took earlier today. The top one shows a view of an olive grove and, if you look very closely, you can make out a bit of Florence in the background. The second photo is a view of the road we…climbed. Here we were about halfway up, or halfway down, depending on which way your back was turned. 😉

Blog reader notes. For my UK readers: please reply here or to me privately if you have an answer to Dora’s question (see my Curcumin Curcumin Curcumin! post). Thank you! And Val, I think he recommends curcumin with bioperine capsules, but am not 100% sure. I will ask him and let you know.


  1. HI Margaret: Just sent you a private email – love Sorrento so much – it had been so long I had been near the sea – I will be returning 2 days later… on Thursday instead of Tuesday.


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