Alternative MM Listserv

Several months ago I subscribed to the website and have now signed up for its newly-created MM listserv, which focuses on alternative and complementary treatments. If you are interested in supplementation, nutrition, exercise, detoxification etc., please have a look at the website and sign up for the listserv (click on Forum/Listserv and follow the instructions). Once you have done that, check out the Listserv Help for information on how it works. It’s easy! For instance, if you have a question about a supplement you are taking, or would like to know if there is anything you can change in your diet, simply go to the website and post your query. Someone is bound to answer. The new listserv offers us an opportunity to share our experiences and, I hope, find new, perhaps even creative ways of dealing with this cancer, whatever stage we are in €”MM, MGUS or SM. I also subscribe to two other MM listservs, which means I do a lot of reading every day!, but I think that the more information and sources of information we have on this cancer, the better. So, go on and join! I say, the more, the merrier!

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