Finally home!

Well, we (and our 8 cats!) actually moved back home a few weeks ago, but I have been so busy that my head has been spinning. Plus, big news: I have a cataract in my left eye, so I can’t stay at the computer for very long. Luckily, my normal routine hasn’t been affected, and I can still drive, but I will have to get the cataract removed in the autumn, for sure. No biggie (says the gal who had hip replacement surgery, hehe…btw, my new hip’s doing great!). It will get done…but first, we’re going on vacation! In about ten days or so…can’t wait.

Funny how time just flies by, as I mentioned in my June post. Is it because I’m in my early 60s (just had my 62nd birthday a few days ago, actually…and to think that years ago, after my diagnosis, I believed I’d never make it to 50…hah!)? I mean, does time go by faster as you get older? I’ll have to look that up. 😉

Puffin with sand eels, near the Isle of May, Scotland, June 2023

Anyway, I finally have access to my beloved computer…not that I have time to do any research now, except for research concerning our upcoming holiday (hehe), but this means that in September I should be writing more often–famous last words! 😆

Okay, so Stefano and I went to Scotland in early June. We spent most of our holiday in Anstruther, a small lovely coastal town in Fife, about an hour northeast of Edinburgh (where we also spent a few fantastic days…ahhh, I love Edinburgh!), yes, Anstruther where we took two boats trips to the Isle of May and Bass Rock to see puffins and also gannets and various other sea birds. Fabulous. It was one of our best holidays ever, and I can’t wait to go back next year. Such a treat…My cataract let me post only one photo, see above…

Anyway, guess where we’re going in August? Yes, that’s right…back to Scotland. 😉 But this time we’re heading north, to Orkney…and from there, driving back southeast-ish, slowly, we will be visiting castles, circles of stones, lovely coastal villages and so on. Oh, but first, the day we land in Edinburgh, we’re finally going to the Tattoo…we bought tickets months ago…Now that should be fun!

Anyway, I hope everyone is doing fine and dandy! Take care! I have to sign off now, or I will get a headache (cataract, uff!)…Ciao, Margaret


  1. Hi Margaret. Sounds like you and Stefano (and cats) are well. Had my cataracts done a few years ago. Easy peasy as you often say. Put color back into my life! Enjoy your trip.

  2. Don’t be afraid of cataract surgery!
    I wasn’t really for it, but since I really couldn’t see well, I had to.
    I had it on my 2 eyes (one month apart).
    it went very well, it was fast, IT DOES’NT HURT and you come out seeing very well right away!

  3. Good to hear from you Margaret. I was 68 on 25 July. Also still alive, although now I have a pacemaker/defibrillator. I remember when you turned 50. And yes time does speed up as you get older. As of late everyone is saying how fast time seems to be going now, and that is said by all ages. Talk later. Oh yes the eyes will be easy peasy for sure. Blessings

  4. So glad you had a great trip, good to hear from you again…best of luck with the eye procedure….relax and enjoy home again

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