“Why multiple myeloma returns”…

That’s the title of an interesting Science Daily article that I came across this morning (and that blog reader Ana also told me about in a comment I read soon afterward, thank you!). Here’s the link: https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2022/03/220301131117.htm?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email

In a nutshell, a group of researchers at the Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin discovered that the culprit to the HUGE problem of drug resistance (non-genetic drug resistance, in particular) in myeloma is the increased production of a protein, the CDK6 protein, which not only activates cell proliferation but also, interestingly, binds with one of myeloma’s best buddies, Cyclin D1 (about which I’ve written quite a lot…do a Search of the blog if you are interested in the topic).

Okay, so we now have a culprit: CDK6.

Guess what? Well, by now this should not come as a surprise: curcumin inhibits CDK6, just as it inhibits Cyclin D1.


Will the curcumin-CDK6 connection ever be studied in the conventional myeloma world? I doubt it, oh very much so, for what I believe are obvious reasons. No, what will happen is that a conventional drug, probably with lots of side effects, will be studied, tested, and put on the market.

It’s frustrating…so many missed opportunities to help us myeloma folks (as well as other folks with different types of cancer). So many missed opportunities…

To be honest, I think that’s probably the main reason I got such a serious case of burnout and stopped doing research…I knew it wouldn’t go anywhere, really, and that, no matter what I uncovered and wrote about, nothing would move in the conventional myeloma world. The only thing that has moved, which is a huge deal, of course!, is that many of us now take curcumin and other natural extracts that I’ve researched and posted about. And even though my blog is almost at a standstill now, I still get lovely messages on a daily basis from blog readers. It means a lot to me…thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Petunia and Puffin, March 2022

Anyway, changing topic before I get too carried away, I wonder what other natural extracts inhibit this blasted protein. Hmmm…

If I can tear myself away from our amazingly adorable 4.5-month-old kittens, I will definitely have a look. 🙂

Take care, everyone! Ciao!

P.S. Here’s the link to the article itself (I haven’t read it yet…zzzzzzz!): https://www.nature.com/articles/s41467-022-28515-1


  1. Those cats are adorable!

    Started a new treatment plan on 3/1/22. KPd or Kyprolis-pomalidomide-Dexamethasone. Will post how it goes. Overall, I’m okish. Traveling to Oakland/SF this week to visit family.

    Best wishes to you Margaret

  2. Ever since I met you on line with your blog I have loaded up on turmeric and little to no dairy. I was diagnosed at 32 with MGUS . 56 years and do not have mylomema as of yet. @THANKFUL AND GRATEFUL

  3. Dear Margaret: Thank you so much for posting your latest…please, please do not stop informing us what you research….I am 91 years old….taking curcumin because of you for my 15 years with MGUS…and I have not developed into outright MM thanks to your early information on curcumin. Please keep us informed and motivated to learn…Take care, and stay in touch, Beatrice

  4. Hi Margaret:

    Once again, thank you for all you have done for us. I was diagnosed with SMM in 2014. I was blessed to discover your blog and read every single entry. I’ve been on your curcumin regimen since 2014 and have remained smoldering even though doctors said I would have active MM within 2 years.

    My family and friends have become very interested – many of them are taking curcumin now – of course not the higher dose we take. My anesthesiologist brother-in-law is even taking it.

    When I was first diagnosed I was concerned for my children and I was told MM is not hereditary. Now I’m reading that a person is more likely to develop MM if they have a parent or sibling who has MM. Are you aware of anything about this? I wonder if there is any type of genetic test one could do for this.

    As far as I’m concerned, you are literally a lifesaver. Thank you so very much.

    1. I too am very afraid, much more for my children than for me. The fear of my life !
      The doctors all told me it was not hereditary.
      I guess they have stats.

      But the cause of myeloma is not really known, and it could be a set of circumstances.
      Let’s see what works :

      Curcumin reduce expression of Bcl-2.
      And this anti-apoptotic protein is often overexpressed in malignant multiple myeloma plasma cells.
      It remains to estimate the doses and the time, but personally, I planned to take curcumin for a long time.

  5. Dear Margaret, thank you !

    I have been on chemo treatment since January 2021, I also had 2 autografts (very hard!), and I took a lot of food supplements. My myeloma has t(4;14), and Del(17) p.
    it has a bad prognosis
    However, having ten/fifteen capsules to swallow, I no longer took the curcumin.
    Thanks to you, I bought some again. I found an “organic optimized curcumin” at Dynveo, very expensive but, it seems, very well dosed and more effective, more bioavailable.

    I take Berberine, vitamin D, vitamin K2, vitamin C, co-enzyme Q10, magnesium, green propolis, desmodium, etc and I should take honokiol and pterostilbene (better than resveratrol), panacea, dandelion, and maybe find a date for artemisia annua alone as a cure.

    Now I’m in remission, but I still have chemo, and probably 2-3 years of Revlimid…hard, hard…

    The worst thing is that I’m looking to adopt a cat, a nice kitty, Sacred Birman, Chartreux, Siamese, … but my husband doesn’t agree. Sometimes I tell myself that I would prefer a cat to my husband!!!

  6. Hey – just wanted to share this interesting general article…

    The end of inflammation? New approach could treat dozens of diseases.
    Cancer, aging, and severe COVID-19 have all been linked to damage from inflammation. Now scientists are flipping their focus to find new drugs that may revolutionize treatments.

    Read in National Geographic: https://apple.news/AnFyRr0dYThinV0dx9n7tQw

  7. Many, many thanks Margaret for all you do, I found your blog after my 52 year old husband was diagnosed with MGUS and was very quickly re diagnosed as MM following a bone marrow biopsy. He started taking 7grams of curcumin in 2014 daily which has kept him well for over 8 years with no progression in his para-protein (IGG KAPPA) . I feel that sharing this information is the only way to communicate that this protocol could be life changing for other MGUS / MM sufferers.

  8. Hi Margaret.
    I started taking 6 grams of curcumine with bioperine one month ago but I am loosing weight. I weigh 55 kilograms. Is that normal? .
    Thanks Margaret.
    God bless you.

  9. PET scan – no lesions.
    Recent bone biopsy. Almost no change from last one 10 years ago. Doc wanted me Revlimid 10 years ago. I said no. (Thank you Dr. Ola Landgren for your advice!)
    8mg Cucumin, 450 Resveratrol, Vit. D daily for 11 years.
    Still SMM after 11 years.

  10. hi,
    Don’ know if anyone is still out there….but has anyone had success with using the curcumin for full blown mm?
    My hematologist never actually diagnosed me, but a year ago he said “it’s not myeloma, yet.” And he didnt make a big deal of it, he was more concerned about my anemia. I never heard from him such terms as MGUS or Smoldering myeloma.
    About 5 months later I lost 20 pounds during a mental breakdown. I always assumed it was the stress, but now I cannot gain it back and am waiting for my appointment with the hematologist /oncologist. Really freaked out…
    I thought I would start the curcumin now.
    Any advice or shared experience would be greatly appreciated!

    1. Hi Christine, how are you doing? Terry Golumbick has useful info from her curcumin clinical research studies. http://Www.mgustherapy.com. Margaret has mentioned her work in a couple of her posts. She also does virtual consults for a reasonable fee, as listed on her website.
      Sending good wishes to you,

      Linda from Long Beach, Calif., USA

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