Masked reunion

Yesterday, for the first time since the middle of February (!), I met with my card-playing girlfriends. I mean, we’re in touch on a daily basis…text messages and so on, but I’ve seen only one of these friends in the flesh since February.

Anyway, we had a lovely visit, complete with tea and birthday cake made by yours truly, but it felt really surreal. No hugging, no kissing, no close contact. For Italians, this is MOST unusual…

In addition to keeping our distance, we all wore our surgical face masks…sitting in our friend’s living room.

Weird…really weird.

But…necessary, of course.


  1. Dear Margaret: glad you had an outing with your friends, glad you were careful. My brother in Austria told me today, that the numbers there are going up….its the vacationers…..

  2. Dear Margaret
    I was recommended your blog as I have smouldering Myeloma diagnosed November 2017’

    I have been taking turmeric but wonder whether I should be taking 100%curcumin supplements instead.
    Your blogs are very informative and helpful when dealing with the diagnosis which is frightening living with the possibility of progression.

    Thankyou for your time and effort


    1. Turmeric is great for cooking, but you must take curcumin, its extract, if you want to begin the protocol. Make sure you read the Page on Side Warnings…For example, if you have any gallbladder issues, you should NOT take curcumin. The protocol that I followed when I first began taking curcumin in 2006 is on my blog, just scroll down and look on the right. If you have any questions, you can also contact me privately, using the blog’s Contact form. Take care, be safe!

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