Terry Golombick’s new website

Now, I don’t usually do this sort of thing, but I’m making an exception today because I have such a HIGH regard for Dr. Terry Golombick. If you don’t know who she is, just do a search of my blog…In a nutshell, she was in charge of the Australian MGUS and SMM curcumin patient trials…so, lots of experience, there…

Terry has recently relaunched her website and is offering consultations specifically for MGUS and SMM folks who live in or near Sydney, Australia. I think it’s WONDERFUL…

Anyway, here’s the link for those lucky Sydney-dwellers: https://www.mgustherapy.com/

But even if you do NOT live in or near Sydney, have a look at her website, which has some very interesting information. For example, how about those three case studies, eh? Nice! 🙂 

Take care, everyone! And…WEAR A MASK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. the photo in this post is of a purple Allium (ornamental). It’s so tall…and so pretty…to the point that some of my friends think it’s fake, hehe. Nope, it’s real. And it’s in my garden! BTW, I took this photo from above…


  1. Actually, people from across the globe can benefit as: “All of our consults are held via teleconference. This means we accept clients from across the globe. A secure video link will be sent once appointment is booked.”

    1. Hi Beatrice, I asked Terry to reply to your question, and this is what she told me:
      “I usually recommend a starting dose of 2-4 grams per day for an MGUS patient based on markers and affordability for the patient. Should numbers increase, then I suggest a higher dose ie 4-6 grams daily. I usually recommend either C3 complex or Meriva (lower dose required) as they are the 2 that I have done research with. There is so much debate about bioavailability and efficacy and the answers are not there yet.”
      I hope this helps! Take care!

  2. Dear Margaret: Thank you so much for your reply…Its always good to get info from the experts, like you. We thank you, Beatrice

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