Just a cute cat photo

One afternoon last week Prezzemolo and I were lying in bed, watching a TV series. Okay, okay, truth be told, he wasn’t that interested in the series. He was fast asleep, snuggled up right next to me.

At one point I must have moved and woken him up. He looked up at me reprovingly and then started yawning. I was quick enough to catch almost the entire sequence on my cellphone.

This is one of my best shots.

How about that long tongue???? 😀 


  1. Dear Margaret: I want to let you know that I just received an e-mail that I have been accepted into the covid19 antibody study conducted by HealthTree for myeloma and MGUS patients. I will receive a finger stick kit and will know the results in minutes, which I , of course have to pass on to the study. This is very exciting….I, too had a very bad cold at the beginning of March, and I have been wondering if I had it too….Will keep you informed, stay well, Beatrice

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