Vitamin D and coronavirus

I’ve been cautious, very cautious, about writing a post on supplements that might help reduce the risk of being infected with Covid-19, for what I think are obvious reasons!, but this morning I came across an interesting new study by the University of Turin showing that hospitalized coronavirus patients here in Italy have very low levels of vitamin D.

Low levels of vitamin D might also explain why the virus has been killing mostly elderly people here in Italy…

At any rate, this news just got released, so I couldn’t find any articles in English, unfortunately, but you can use Google Translate, if needed. Here’s the link to the article (one of many, but all in Italian, different newspapers):

Taking vitamin D is NOT being suggested as a cure, of course, but it might reduce the risk factors for contagion. That’s good enough for me!

As we know (or should know!), healthy vitamin D levels are important for myeloma folks, too, so taking it can only be beneficial to us…in the recommended doses, of course.

Well, this is a bit of useful news (at least, let us hope so!). I’m going downstairs to swallow a dose of vitamin D right now…


  1. Well written, Margaret. Thanks.
    Something else: have you heard of the liquid cucurcumin from Michal Heger?

    regards, Hans

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