I have received messages from concerned blog readers, asking me if I’m okay. Today I’m posting just a quick note to say that, yes, I’m fine, as is my family.

I’m staying at home, and in fact I have stayed at home since the first few coronavirus cases appeared in Italy, therefore before the government reached the brave and difficult decision to impose a total lockdown here…

With a compromised immune system, you can’t take any chances…

But I have to go now. I am in the middle of my “spring” cleaning (the cats are exhausted from watching me zip around the house, cleaning and throwing stuff away, as you can see, hehe…).

I’ll be in touch soon!

Keep safe, everyone…and, mainly, wash your hands!!!


  1. So glad to hear you are ok, keep it that way, please. We are watching with delight the music waving from the balconies in Italy, what a spirit….

  2. My condolences for the deaths in Italy, for the unfortunate Italians.
    I hope the virus will stop very soon, in all the world.

  3. Happy to know that you are fine, but, for cats, we can see that they are really too tired, really! it’s abusive!

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