Curcumin and myeloma: a new patient study

A very small Indonesian study came up with some interesting conclusions about curcumin given to myeloma patients who were also taking melphalan and prednisone (MP):

The study evaluated two groups of myeloma patients, a control group of 16 patients who took only the MP, and a treatment group consisting of 17 people who also took 8 grams of curcumin in addition to the MP.

After 28 days, as we can read in the study, “There was a significant decrease of NF-KB, VEGF, TNF-?, LDH levels in the treatment group compared with control. There was a decreasing trend of IL-6 levels in the treatment group significantly.”

Now, true, this was a very small study, and it lasted only for 28 days, but it just adds to the anecdotal evidence that curcumin can reaaaaaaaaaally help, even when one has to take conventional myeloma drugs.

So, for the umpteenth time, I ask: when are we going to start testing curcumin, alone or in combination with conventional MM drugs, on a larger scale?

(My guess: NEVER. Simply put, curcumin won’t make a profit for the pharmaceutical companies that hold us all hostage…).

Still, let’s end on a positive note: very good news from Indonesia!!! 🙂


  1. I will never give up my curcumin, taking 3480mg in AM now, my iron pill in PMm Ferritin normal, Hemoglobin normal, what more can I ask for. Thank you Margaret…

    1. Hi Margaret,

      My mum has exhausted all MM treatments, her final treatment being 2.5 cycles of Pomalidomide. We’re now following the trials from your website for curcumin and have almost competed week 1 with all our fingers crossed for a miracle.

      There’s tones of information on your website which is brilliant, but whilst I’m digging through, is there anything else she should be taking alongside the curcumin to aid, that you can recommend or know others have had good experiences with?

      Thanks for any advice you can give.

  2. Somebody’s already making huge profits from Curcumin supplement sales! I was paying a lot for it! Why couldn’t pharma get in on it, too?

    I needed to quit because of the iron chelating issues. I couldn’t supplement enough to have normal iron levels. : (

  3. You’re right! NEVER! But I will tell you our miracle: My husband (he has MM) took 8 grams of curcumin for four months now, combined with 5mg Lenalidomide ev’ry four weeks and there is a significant fall in his Kappa markers, which he didn’t have with Lenalidomide alone! (slowly from 348 to 718). His markers fell from 718 to 600 to 395 last week….
    We said to our hematologist: “thanks for Curcumin !” And she said with a smile (she is happy for us but she has to play by the rules….) “You never can tell, you’ll never know”. But we knów! Thanks for sharing what you do!

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