This will be a quick post because I can type only with one hand. Reason: on Saturday, during a weekend trip with Stefano and friends in Maremma, a lovely area in southern Tuscany, I lost my balance while exploring an archaeological site and fell.


On my left shoulder.


We didn’t go to the local hospital because nothing seemed to be broken. I was in pain but could move my hand and even my shoulder a bit. I couldn’t lift my arm but we figured it was just because the muscles had taken a hit. We went to  a pharmacy to get a painkiller and a sling for my arm, and that was that.

We kept on sightseeing, a bit more slowly, though. Yes, I was in pain, at times a lot of pain, but didn’t think it was that serious. Yesterday morning, however, since the pain hadn’t lessened, I called our GP who sent me to the hospital for X-rays.

Result: I fractured the upper extremity of my humerus…also a few other minor things, but the fracture to the humerus is the main thing.

My shoulder is in a proper sling, now, and it will take at least a month to heal. I have to rest…no volleyball for a while. 😉

Pain, yes, but otherwise I’m okay. So I’ll rest, watch my TV series, go for my checkups (one next week) and hope that the fracture will heal properly so I don’t have to have surgery, aaaaaagggh.

Anyway, it could have been worse…I could have hit my  head or actually broken a bone or…who knows? Lots of things could have gone wrong with such a fall…so, in the end, not too bad.

I’ll be fine, but no computer for a while….

Lesson learned: be super careful when walking on an archaeological dig!!! Hah!!!!


  1. Get well soon, dear Margaret, but make no mistake – your work will only just begin when the fracture get healed. What does the x-ray say – is it maybe fracture of a tuberculum majus?
    Best wishes, Robert

  2. Wellcome to the club. 5 Years ago I was running down a hill, fell and broke a number of bones in my left hand. Tried without surgery, but it did not work. I hd surgery and was driving my car in 1 week. So dont fight surgery if needed. Wiishing you well, we will miss you.

    1. I just remembered: I used a balm with great comfrey (Symphytum officinale) a long time ago for a fall on the shoulder, and I had results (less pain and more range of motion).

      Among others, read on the internet, great comfrey works on fractures, bruises, sprains, thanks to allantoin that accelerates the formation of new cells, whether bone mass or skin

      And there, writing, I wonder if it can not also have an interest against the damage of the myeloma …
      To see ?

  3. Dear Margaret,

    We recently discovered your site. We have shared it with our kinesiologist too for his other clients. Thank you so very much for your research, persistence, and making this available to us.

    We wish you a speedy healing and with humorous times for your humerus repair.

    Kind regards from California, USA.


  4. Hope you are feeling more comfortable now and that you are soon mended. I’ve been clambering over archeological remains in Crete over the past few days, could so easily have been me. X

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