20 years

20 years ago, on this day, Stefano and I got married. One of the happiest days of my life.

I’ve written wedding anniversary posts before, so I’ll keep this one short…I just want to say how lucky I am to have found such an extraordinary man…brilliant, funny, supportive, loving, wise…the list goes on…

Thank you for all these years, Stefano…and for the ones to come! 🙂

Ti amo.

Buon anniversario!


  1. I’m a little late but huge congratulations. A real achievement!

    I’m sorry of course to read about your fall. Glad to see you’re doing well with that though.

    My brother ended up in a hospital in Poggibonsi with a broken shoulder and had the misfortune to arrive while the doctors were having a (no doubt well deserved) party. They put him in a ridiculous sling covering his entire upper body which the doctors back home photographed for amusement! That was probably around the time you and S were getting together.

    All the very best

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