I try to focus on my  Prevotella heparinolytica research, I really do!, but stuff keeps popping (or pooping, hehe) up to distract me, such as this BBC article on wombat poop: http://goo.gl/y2TYwD. Wombat poop? Yep!

(Aren’t they just the cutest animals?)

Did you know wombats are the ONLY creatures in the entire world that are able to poop out…cube-shaped poop? They apparently use these small cubes to communicate and attract other wombats. Hmmm. Anyway, yes, a fascinating article, accompanied by photos of said poop, too.  😉 

Another “distraction”: I’ve begun my annual routine of Xmas cookie baking. Every year I make cookies for friends and colleagues. I do enjoy it…it relaxes me…but it takes up a lot of my free time…

In spite of a bunch of different commitments in this period, I have taken a look at my previous blogs on the pesky IL-17. Result: anything that blocks IL-17 is a good thing…well, obviously, if it’s a non toxic thing, such as curcumin. So we need to look more closely at this topic…the IL-17 blocker topic.

Anyway, I’ll try to do some research over the weekend…or…hmmm…perhaps…NOT! 😉

Take care, everyone!

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