Mice don’t vomit

The fact that mice don’t vomit is one of the many things that I learned while reading an extraordinary May 16 Boston Globe article about an experimental cancer treatment that cured, yes, cured a dog, a golden retriever, from soft tissue sarcoma. This cancer treatment, immunotherapy, might possibly (someday) help human patients, too.

Anyway, have a look here: goo.gl/DyBnJZ

Really quite amazing. Incidentally, many thanks to Cynthia for posting the link to this article on Facebook…

Quick update: our 8.5 month old kittens, Pandora and Pixie, were sterilized on Monday and are doing well, phew… Tomorrow I’m taking them back to the vet clinic for their post-op check-up. Everything seems to be going fine, but my fingers are still crossed! 🙂

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  1. Speaking of what works for dogs works for us, my doctor (now previous doctor), doesn’t believe in supplements at all. He gets angry if you mention them. But they now put glucosamine in dog food for older dogs. And the change for the dogs is dramatic as it is for me!

    Margaret – did you see the new story about the lady with metastatic breast cancer? She had very little time left to live because all treatments had been tried. But researchers sequenced the DNA of the breast cancer and found an immune cell that would attack it. They then grew billions of them and injected them in her body. It completely destroyed all the cancer everywhere in the body. So, unlike the dog’s cure, you don’t need to find the cancer and inject the treatment. The treatment circulates throughout the body and destroys the cancer wherever it is. I like that.

    Grace and peace.

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