A big win for European honeybees

The European Union has voted to expand a 2013 ban on three neonicotinoid pesticides that harm/kill bees and other pollinators. The ban is now permanent. See: goo.gl/yWyJoL

This is a major victory for science AND for common sense. I mean, even if, for some weird reason, you are NOT in favor of banning pesticides, do you really want to be eating food that has been contaminated with toxic crap that kills bees and birds?

Didn’t think so…

Incredibly, the EU vote was not unanimous, as it SHOULD HAVE BEEN. I read that four countries voted against it, namely, Denmark, the Czech Republic, Romania, and Hungary. Eight others abstained, including Belgium…Finland… Luckily, these countries made no difference.

Well, there are more toxic pesticides that should be banned out there…But for today, let us celebrate this major win for the European honeybees. Yaaaay!


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