A high school senior determines that chemically modified curcumin can inhibit pancreatic cell growth

Just read an interesting tidbit. But first, I have to remark that this generation of U.S. high school students is really something…(and I’m not referring solely to their science projects…)…

At any rate, a senior at Hampton Bays High School came in third place at the Long Island Science and Engineering Fair in mid March for her discovery that chemically modified curcumin blocked pancreatic cancer cells from growing…and killed them (apoptosis). Based on her project, perhaps someday (!) this modified curcumin could be used to strengthen conventional treatments for pancreatic cancer. You can read about it here: goo.gl/N1BDuV

Here’s my suggestion for a future project, Ms. Caldwell: “The Apoptotic Effect of Novel Curcumin Derivative on Multiple Myeloma Cells.”

In the meantime, well done, well done indeed…and…CONGRATULATIONS!  🙂 

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