“Il gatto non è mica morto!!!”

I dedicate this post to my bestie, to my wonderful life companion…to a normally VERY sensitive guy…  😉 

On Saturday evening Stefano insisted that we watch a 2016 movie called “A street cat named Bob,” based on the true-life story of a homeless man/former heroin addict whose life was completely turned around after he encountered a stray cat named…Bob.

I didn’t know much about this story, so, during a rather difficult part, I turned to Stefano and declared, “that cat had better NOT DIE at the end of this movie!!!”

He reassured me that the cat wasn’t going to die…

Well, of course (if you’ve seen the movie, you will understand…I think!), toward the end I got all emotional and teary-eyed…I mean, who wouldn’t? It’s the story of a wonderful super cat, but: cat gets lost…human companion is desperate…days go by…cat finally finds his way home…happy ending…

I mean, tears were an absolute MUST. From my perspective, at any rate.

As the closing credits were rolling, showing photos of the real Bob and his human companion, Stefano turned to me, saw my tears, and exclaimed, “well, what are you crying for? The cat DIDN’T DIE!!!” (in Italian: “Ma perché piangi? Il gatto non è mica morto!!!”).

Men!!! They just don’t get it… 🙂

Anyway, if you love cats, you will love this movie…highly recommended…

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  1. I love that story. I bought the book in London a fem years ago and remember finishing the book and crying on the plane home. I Even bought the book as a children story to my niece.

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