High levels of the enzyme ADAR1 are associated with reduced survival in multiple myeloma

We have a new target in multiple myeloma. An enzyme called ADAR1. In a nutshell, patients with high levels of this enzyme in their myeloma cells don’t live as long as those with low levels of ADAR1: goo.gl/MpsQSm

But the most interesting finding, in my opinion, is as follows…

In the words of the senior author of this University of San Diego study, Prof. Catriona Jamieson, “Several major advances in recent years have been good news for multiple myeloma patients, but those new drugs only target terminally differentiated cancer cells and thus can only reduce the bulk of the tumor. […] They don’t get to the root cause of disease development, progression and relapse — cancer stem cells — the way inhibiting ADAR1 does.”

Ah, myeloma stem cells. Those darned thingies. Coincidentally, lately I’ve been working on a post about MM stem cells (it’s taking much MORE time than expected, mainly because of the kitten issues we’re having in this period, as you know by now…).

Anyway, c’mon, let’s get those clinical trials going, especially since the drugs that inhibit ADAR1 are already on the market. It’s a no-brainer!!!

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