Breast cancer linked to bacterial imbalances

Thanks to a blog reader and Facebook friend, I read this Science Daily article just now: Wow!

I have become quite interested in gut bacteria in recent years, and in fact I take probiotics as often as I can (translate: whenever I remember to take ’em!). I wrote a post about probiotics and myeloma in 2013 (to find it, just do a search for “probiotics” of my blog). Interesting…

Anyway, hmmmmm, I wonder if breast cancer is an isolated case in the world of cancer…Probably not.

Whatever may be the case, I’m sure you’ll find this article VERY interesting…!!!

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  1. Everyone should be studying this seriously as it IS the answer to MOST things…if not all.

    I wrote about Dr Mercola and Nastasha McBridge on here a couple of years ago .. all I will say it get onto it now, and read ALL on gut bacteria. and the microbome, should be No 1 priority and take pre and pro botics, you need the balance of BOTH..
    Fermented foods, bone broth, etc etc….this is a MUST study…gut bacteria, I am SERIOUS…thought you would all be onto it by now.

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