Piano piano…

I know this is not a cat blog, and I apologize for publishing another cat-related post, but right now my life is revolving around my eldest cat, Piccolo, who has been doing very poorly lately and needs A LOT of attention and care. These days, all I can think about is Piccolo, and all of my research is for him.

And so here I am with another update.

After several, simply horrible days (I’ve lost count, but it has been ten days, more or less), during which, with VERY heavy hearts, we went so far as to consider the unthinkable–that is, the possibility of having Piccolo put to sleep, aghhhh!–this morning he totally surprised me. All of a sudden, in fact, while I was preparing his food AND my cappuccino in the kitchen, I heard a plod plod plod sound in the hall, and there he was. He’d come down the stairs after me. And he wound himself around my legs.

Just like old times. 

I was so happy that I forgot all about my cappuccino ( = a MUST, as soon as this gal gets up in the morning!!! 😉 ), sat on the floor and fed him some wet food…Then he proceeded to go on a plod plod plod tour of the dining room, finally heading down another flight of stairs into the room underneath the kitchen where the cats like to hang out in the summer, mainly because it’s out of the way, and they can lie in the hot sun (go figure…!!!).

After a while, though, he followed me all the way back upstairs (two long flights of stairs).

That’s what we and the vets were/are looking for: signs of improvement…signs that he is stable, not getting worse…especially, signs that he is NOT suffering. He still spends most of the day in his litter box, but he moves around, too.

As we say in Italian, piano piano ( = little by little).

At least, we hope so…!!!


  1. I always hear from vets that if they eat that’s a good sign. I’ve been They severa generations of cats and dogs and enticing them worm things like canned clams. Chicken liver as a flavor enhancer seems to work

  2. Good good news about Piccolo ! Indeed little by little …. but that moment must’ve felt huge!
    Thanks again for your blog. I will always be so very grateful I found it.
    D x

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