Puzzola, 2001-2017

Stefano and I had Puzzola put to sleep this morning at the vet hospital. There was nothing more we or the vets could do…
We were with her almost until the end, until the vet told us to leave (the final stage can be hard to watch)…

So…my sweet girl is gone.

P.S. Even though Stefano took some photos of her yesterday, knowing they would be the last, I wanted to post a couple of photos I took of her in happier times…

This is how I will remember her:

1. I took the first photo in 2005. She really loved getting inside cardboard boxes, like most cats.

2. But hey, if you can’t fit inside the box (see above), no matter. You can squeeze part of your body inside, and leave the rest outside…Nobody will notice.
Year: 2013, the year she was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism.

3. And if there aren’t any boxes around, the little sink in the little bathroom will do nicely, too…Year: 2013.

4. Sitting at or on the table while we ate was also one of her favorite things. And if we were eating something that she could eat, too, I would let her lick my plate.

Ciao, amore mio…You gave us so much joy…


  1. Hi Margaret

    I am so sorry to hear about Puzzola. But what a lovely pictures to remember her by.

    All the best

    With love


  2. So, so sorry for your loss. It takes a tremendous amount of courage to let a beloved companion go, particularly one who has given you so much joy. I hope for you and Stefano a transition from your intense sorrow to a space of warm memories and joyful little reminders that tug at you to brighten your day.

  3. It is small consolation to think of dear Puzzola through pictures, but they are good reminders of how special she was in your lives. I align with the message from M. Cass for that transition and perhaps a new fur baby will find its way to your heart to affirm the joy of life.

  4. It is always hard to say goodbye, even to our ornery Blue who is now having seizures and can’t make the move to New Hampshire from Iowa with us in October. She’s 18 years old. We are putting it off a little longer.

  5. Bless you both. We are so sorry for you loosing a part of your family. She was a darling girl.

  6. Bless you both. We are so sorry for you loosing a part of your family. She was a darling girl.

  7. what a pretty, sweet face! So sorry you had to say goodbye, one of the very hardest things in the world……

  8. Dear Margaret,
    I almost did not go on FB tonite (early morning) and your post was the very first that i read.
    I am saddened about your loss of your sweet Puzzola.
    I am glad that you posted on your blog some of her pranks.
    I do hope that your sadness will eventually be replaced with lovely memories of your feisty feline friend, Puzzola. Sally M

  9. I am sorry for your loss. She was so beautiful. With you she had a wonderful life and was well loved. Good bye Puzzola, play with my kitties that are waiting for us to join them over the rainbow bridge.??

  10. So sorry about Puzzola… She’s beautiful in those photos.
    Your love and kindness have made her live a long life.

  11. So so sorry to hear this. What a loss losing a pet is? My thoughts go out to you. Take comfort in the fact that you gave the beautiful Puzzola love and a happy happy life. One lucky cat to have you.

  12. I’m so sorry to hear about Puzzola Margaret! I don’t visit FB as much as I once did so I’m late in my response! I know your heart is broken for her loss! She was one fortunate kitty to have you and Stefano to love her and take care of her! I have no doubts that you gave her a comfortable, safe, and happy home filled with love and toys…and the best medical care possible. I’m sure she thanked you with many licks and cuddles! 🙂 I’m thinking of you and Stefano at this time!

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