Revising my position on aspirin and myeloma

aaron-bacall-i-m-going-to-prescribe-something-that-works-like-aspirin-but-costs-much-cartoonI just finished re-reading a post I wrote in 2011 in which I stated that I would never take any aspirin…never ever ever ever again!

Well, since then a lot has happened, and I have read quite a number of positive studies on aspirin and cancer, so I am taking this opportunity to revise my former position, without going overboard, of course (no stuffing my face with aspirin every single night, I mean!). Proceed with caution, as always, since aspirin does have some side effects… Anyway, here goes.

A 2014 study, titled “Regular aspirin use and risk of multiple myeloma: a prospective analysis in the health professionals follow-up study and nurses’ health study,” suggests that aspirin might be beneficial to myeloma patients. To see the study, click on this link:

Interesting excerpt: “Participants with a cumulative average of ?5 adult strength (325 mg) tablets per week had a 39% lower multiple myeloma risk than nonusers […].”

A 39% lower risk? Wowsie.

I was actually reminded of this issue earlier today, when I happened upon an intriguing Scientific American (May 2017 issue) article on aspirin and cancer, Among other things, the article discusses aspirin’s apparent interference “with the ability of cancer cells to spread, or metastasize, through the body.” It’s is an easy read and so, without further ado, here is the link:

But wow, aspirin may prevent metastasis…and it may be beneficial to myeloma patients…two articles and one stone…Not too shabby, eh?  🙂


  1. This is really interesting, thanks for sharing! I recently stopped taking aspirin as all of my specialists have said for me to not take any anti-inflammatory drugs because they are hard on the kidneys, which can also be affected by myeloma. I will certainly do some more research now.

    1. As I mentioned, aspirin does have side effects, so you should probably listen to your specialists! And, even with this information, I am certainly NOT going to go on an aspirin binge…But I thought these two articles were interesting and would provide some food for thought.
      Take care!
      Hmmm, here is an afterthought: curcumin is not hard on the kidneys, and it is anti-inflammatory. Perhaps you could bring that up with your specialists…

  2. Curcumin acts on the same if not more pathways and is less toxic than aspirin, at best seems redundant and unknown if harmful to take in addition aspirin in addition to hi dose curcumin. Perhaps cycle them.

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