A new curcumin and myeloma study

A newly published Chinese study shows that curcumin stops the proliferation of myeloma cells and even kills them by inhibiting EZH2 (I actually wrote quite a lot about this pesky protein in some 2010 posts…to find them, simply do a search of my blog for “EZH2”) and SUZ12.

These are two Polycomb repressor genes that become hyperactive in myeloma, which is not a good thing, as you can imagine. In my previous posts, in fact, I called EHZ2 a “Polyhooligan.” 🙂

At any rate, the important thing to remember is that when EHZ2 is inhibited, myeloma cells stop proliferating. Here’s the link to the abstract: goo.gl/YI5P2b

This new study gives us another reason to keep taking our curcumin (NOT in an injected form, though, yikessss!!!!!), while we wait for more studies to be published on this topic…

Good stuff!


  1. Hi Margaret!
    My father was diagnosed with a multiple myeloma in 2014, and got chemotherapeutic treatment, and transplanted his bone marrow stem cells.
    Right now he is doing fine, but every two month he has to visit a doctor and give his blood work and etc. so they can check him.
    Recently I found articles that say about black seed oil which helps to treat many types of cancers.
    I’ve told to my dad to take this oil.
    Also I’ve realized that I missed one part of those articles, which says that it helps to treat many disease except transplantation (as the black seed oil boosts immunity so high that it can bring to rejection the transplantation).
    Now I’m wondering does it concern of those who previously had bone marrow transplant?
    The reason Im asking you, as I found also your article regarding black seed and multiple myeloma and was wondering if you know the answer?!
    Thanks for your interesting blog posts, I wish I’ve read them before.
    I’ve googled a lot regarding multiple myeloma but never stumbled upon your articles((
    I wish many people have read it and were well informed about health and etc.


    1. Hi
      My husband has been diagnosed with MM. I will shoot Dr Bharatwaj an email. Can you please send me the article on black seed oil and not using it after a SCT because I was thinking of giving him BC Oil after his transplant. He has to still undergo 2 more cycles of infusion.

      Would appreciate heading from both Margaret or anyone else who took cuncurmin and also BC Oil.

      Margaret thank you for your blog – very informative


  2. I’mm guessing your dad had an allo transplant meaning they used his own stem cells? In that cause this would not be an issue.

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