“Curcumin induces cell death of the main molecular myeloma subtypes, particularly the poor prognosis subgroups”

I’ve written so many posts–more than 1500 since 2007–that I often can’t remember if I’ve already written about something or…not. So very frustrating sometimes…

Case in point: this morning I came across what for me sounded like a “new” study, that is, a study I hadn’t read yet. But it dates to 2015. How could I have missed it? I couldn’t remember posting about it, and searching my blog yielded nothing, nada de nada…

So here I am, sitting in front of my computer, puzzled (I mean, the more I look at this study, the more I KNOW that I have read it before…but perhaps…ah yes that might be IT!…perhaps I neglected to post about it, verybadbadbadofme!) but also amused. The joke’s on me! I should probably keep a record of the studies I post about…Sounds like a great idea, but since I haven’t done it thus far, I probably won’t do it in the future, either…

Well, I suppose it’s better to post about a study TWICE than not to post about it at all, so here goes, without too many details, just in case I’ve written about all this before. 😉

The full study is available online for free: goo.gl/LuSij2

In a nutshell, what the Université de Nantes researchers did was test curcumin on a “large panel of human myeloma cell lines.” And that is very important, since previous studies had tested just a few of these lines. The researchers discovered that curcumin killed most MM cell lines, including poor prognosis ones. Very exciting…

The most important part, as far as we are concerned, is the researchers’ conclusion that “Altogether, these results support clinical trials including curcumin in association with standard therapy.” Especially since “chemoresistance remains a major challenge in myeloma treatment.”



  1. I’m on revlimid now (5 mg) along with xarelto and my lambda lights are climbing. I’ve ordered doctors best curcumin w piperine. because of the xarelto I’m worried that I may have a bleeding problem if I take it I remember reading somewhere that revlimid and curcumin worked well together

  2. Margaret,

    I know you’re a big curcumin fan but could you try adding an IP6 supplement to your regimen for 6 months? With the small amount of data I have, IP6 seems to affect my numbers more than curcumin. Look what happened when I reduced the IP6. Here are my numbers:

    Date…………..IgM…URR….LRR….pct change change
    10/4/2013…..760…300….39….4%…Added 8 ip6 and 4000mg of curcumin after 10/4/2013 blood tests
    10/10/2014…663…300….39….-7%…. Reduced ip6 from 8 to 4 on 10/15/2014
    4/1/2015…….797…300….39….20%…. After bad leap, went back to 8 Ip6
    10/18/2016…756…300….39….3% Kappa Light chains are high. This is the first time they went down.

    I take Cell Forte’s IP6 and inositol, but you could also take IP6 Gold from the guy that originally did the research on IP6. [Margaret: Jim, the link you posted didn’t work, so I took it out of your comment.]
    Jim Y.

  3. Hi Margaret,

    Thank you for this post and all of the research and writing you do about MM. I’ve been a MM survivor for almost 4 years now. I’ve had a stem cell transplant and some subsequent therapies (I think I’m on my 3rd or 4th one. Currently on Carfilzomib, Dex, and Cytoxan 3 out of 4 weeks.

    I’ve finally decided that I need to start thinking about my bucket list trips and not putting anything off anymore, so my husband and I booked plane tickets to Italy for June 15-July 1. Now as I sit here getting my infusion I remembered that you lived in Tuscany/Florence!

    It would be great to meet up with you for coffee or something to talk about MM and Florence if you are around during that time.

    I hope to see you next year in Florence 🙂


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