Animated myeloma 2015

Last year (you can search my blog for “animated myeloma”…Hint: it’s my November 1 2014 post…), I posted about a series of short animations made by Myeloma UK. An absolutely brilliant idea: myeloma explained with cartoons…short, simple, not scary at all.

And now we have a few more. So far I’ve watched the one about the clonal evolution of myeloma. Very interesting. Anyway, here you’ll find the list of the new animations, including one on amyloidosis:

Well done, Myeloma UK! 🙂

P.S. By the way, I haven’t forgotten about cannabidiol and ion channels…I’ve been working on this topic whenever I have some free time and FEEL like doing some research…To be honest, though, sometimes I’d just rather go take a walk through the center of Florence with a good friend (upcoming post)… 🙂


  1. Hi Margaret!
    Im happy and glad to found your blog. I’m 34 and I’m living in Monza, Italy. I was diagnosed SMM as you said
    they didn’t specify the difference between SMM AND MM and on the official papers he wrote MM. But actually I’m in the beginning and is still asintomantic. I have 17% of cells on the BOM and the next control will be on March I’m really scare!
    Reading your post I would like to know more about the diet, curcumin, etc.
    thanks and I hope to be SMM for many years. Keep smoldering!!

  2. Hi Margaret, interesting running through your blog. I take Meriva , and have some interesting anecdotal evidence …

    Happy for you to drop me a direct line…
    I take GoodHealthNaturally’s product which is widely available in Europe.

    I have taken their advised dose for nearly two years now. And previously for a three month test stint.

    More interesting issue what happens when I double dose ! Having repeated this little test three times now with a month in between each time . There is a clear effect on my paraprotein levels which establish new lows.

    Drop me a line … And I’ll share my experiences.

    Diagnosed 2010 plasmacytoma, 2013 MM , ASCT 2014.

    Kind Regards

  3. Hi Margaret,

    I’m curious if you’ve looked further into the cannabidiol and ion channels topic?

    I’m taking CBD, and I’m curious to hear your insights. 🙂

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