New case study: a patient with laryngeal amyloidosis and smoldering myeloma is stable after five years of taking curcumin…

More evidence supporting the use of curcumin in patients with MGUS, SMM, MM and, now, amyloidosis or AL.

Yes, true, this is “just” a case report, carried out at St. George Hospital in Sydney, Australia…an anecdote, many would say. But then again, so is my story, and so are the many similar stories of everyone who’s taking curcumin…

And these anecdotes do add up, don’t they?

At any rate, you can read the entire story here, for FREE: (once you are on the Case Report page, look to the right and click on “Provisional PDF.”)

The report isn’t difficult to read, so I won’t bother giving you a summary or rather, BORE you with a summary. 😉 If you don’t want to read the whole shebang, though, just scroll down to the “Discussion” part…

Oh, I almost forgot: please note HOW MUCH curcumin this guy has been taking to obtain these results…Interesting, huh?

A highly recommended read…indeed!


  1. Amyloidosis is supposed to be a killer but there is a report on the internet about a German hematologist who cured himself with Green Tea.

  2. Hi Margaret,
    Very interesting indeed that curcumin has done wonders for this patient. I wonder why cur u in does not have the same effect on every patient. What are the factors that determine the success of curcumin as a treatment protocol for some patients and not all? Does curcumin work in advanced myeloma , refractory myeloma or only in smoldering myeloma? Is active myeloma a point of no return where none of the available treatments work?
    More research and analysis is needed to understand why curcumin does not work in all cases. To be fair to the scientifically minded community, till consistent results can be generated there will be some element of Skepticism. Just as antibiotics kill bacterial infections in everybody and is proven treatment and works for everybody, we will need to reach that level of efficacy with curcumin or any other therapy. I think that lies in really understanding the disease and not grouping it under the single myeloma umbrella. Till we get to that point, what works for you and a few others will be considered snake oil for the majority of the population who continue to battle this terrible disease.
    Vijay Poduval

  3. Hi Margaret,

    That is very interesting and good to see that now reports are coming out of individual case studies. And indeed if you add them all up, then it becomes very powerful evidence indeed. I have emailed my consultant the link to the report – in case he hasn’t seen it. Especially because he is getting one of the doctors to write up my case – 4.5 years stable (paraprotein at 14) with curcumin.

    All the best


      1. Hello Serena,

        The report of my case study was submitted tobthe British Medical Journal last year. It has been reviewed and currently some information is added with regards to my case in comparison with other published cases. So hopefully in a couple of months time.



    1. Hello Serena

      Yes it has. You can find two posts from Margaret. One with the link to the case study, and the other with a link to the BBC4 Radio Food Programme about turmeric, that includes a link to the case study as well as to Margaret’s blog.


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