No lesions!!!

_1020387I had an MRI of my entire spinal column done earlier this week, and the results are in. Now, the doctor will have to confirm this next month, BUT I am almost 100% sure that I don’t have any bone lesions or anything else that has to do with myeloma.

I wrote “almost 100% sure” just in case I’m wrong, since these lab results are written in what I’m sure is an alien language…But I’ve looked up all the terms I didn’t know, and it all translates to a few small hernias (which haven’t bothered me thus far) and mostly insignificant stuff.

By the way, I had this MRI mainly because I hadn’t had one since 2009, not because of any back pain or whatnot…Just a checkup, that is…

True, my posture isn’t that great, and the MRI confirms that. I spend a lot of time in front of the computer doing research, etc., so I really must do something about that. I’ve already downloaded some easy-to-do postural exercises…

But today I’m celebrating. Because the main thing is…………………………………..


P.S. I took this photo in April 2015, just outside of the town of San Quirico d’Orcia, in southern Tuscany. Such a gorgeous region…


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