Val d’Orcia, Tuscany

_1020045As I mentioned, a couple of weekends ago Stefano and I accompanied a close friend, a photographer from the UK, on a weekend tour of Val d’Orcia, a lovely part of southern Tuscany AND World Heritage Site. _1020312

We had a wonderful, relaxing time.

We spent Saturday night in a 4-star hotel in San Quirico d’Orcia, a lovely little town we’d never visited before, where we were “upgraded” to two deluxe double rooms for the same (bargain!) price we’d found online. What a super deal!

_1020537_1030295The hotel staff were fantastic, very helpful, and the meals we had were absolutely first-rate…and cheap, too, compared to most restaurants you find in Florence.

_1030211So, if you decide to visit lovely Val d’Orcia, get in touch with me. Now I have a few more pointers inside my “can’t-miss-in-southern-Tuscany” bag! 😉_1020111

The only thing is, I’d wait until May or June…or perhaps even late fall or winter. This is an in-between season (which is why we got the hotel deal, in fact)…but, as you can see, Val d’Orcia is still drop dead gorgeous…

_1020130And yes, no doubt about it, the theme in Val d’Orcia is…CYPRESSES! 🙂

Again, hover over the photos to get a description of them…and/or click on them to get an enlargement.

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  1. Have always dreamed of visiting Tuscany! These photos are gorgeous, and make me want to see it all the more. I lived in Naples during my middle school years back in the late 60’s while my father was in the Army. Saw some amazing sights. Thanks for sharing!

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