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I’m posting just a quick note (if my computer lets me, that is!) to say that two days after we got back from Brussels/Bruges (btw, we had a lovely trip and some of the best chocolate I’ve tasted in my entire life!, but I’ll save thatĀ for another post… šŸ˜‰ ), our British photographer friend PK, whom Stefano and I hadĀ met years ago via my blog, came to visit us in Florence. And so weĀ have spent the pastĀ seven days with him, fantastic fun!, mainly photographing the birds at our bird reserve, the Parco della Piana, near Florence. We also accompanied PKĀ on a weekend trip to southern Tuscany, in the area of the Val d’Orcia, where we photographed some of the most famous cypress landscapes in the world. Breathtaking. Gorgeous. Mmmmh.

Point is:Ā I haven’t been spendingĀ much time online lately, as you can imagine!!! šŸ™‚

IMG_4230But there is another thing. I have also been experiencing quite a bit ofĀ computer trouble in the past few days. Yesterday I couldn’t even log into my blog, which was very frustrating. Stefano seems to have fixed the problem today but…you never know with computers! Anyway, if my computer behaves, I’ll be sorting through my photos in the next few days and postingĀ a few here. This one is a photo I tookĀ in Bruges, near Brussels, on Easter Sunday. We walked almost 18 kilometers that day…yes, eighteen kilometers…not bad,Ā eh?

Belgium, Val d’Orcia, Parco della Piana: three very different places, but all very interesting! And lots of fun, too!

Take care, everyone! Ciao! šŸ™‚

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