“Curcumin is a safe and effective treatment for most cancers…”

Well, duuuuh, we already knew that, but this–that is, the fact that curcumin is a safe and promising treatment for most cancers–is the conclusion reached by a group of scientists who reviewed past clinical trials. So…hey…it’s official!!!

Here’s the direct link to the article: http://goo.gl/oupQwg

Oh, by the way, the article specifically mentions multiple myeloma (and pancreatic cancer) as a type of cancer that responds well to curcumin…Excellent news (again, nothing new for us, but…for me, a bit of vindication, I must admit…). 🙂


  1. Grazie Margaret…sei una grande risorsa per tutti noi…le tue ricerche e iltuo blog sono una fonte importante è seria di informazioni utili su cui lavorare…ogni paziente dovrebbe prendere esempio da te: studiare la propria malattia per dare un contributo attivo .

  2. I’m not great at checking my emails so don’t know if I’ve already tried to follow you this way. I have smoldering myeloma though sometimes I would like to believe they made a mistake he had so much trouble getting into my hip. Coincidentally MRI found severe arthritis that hip last year (a year later) and I am finally going to see an orthopedic surgeon on June 10th. Besides bone pain and peripheral neuralgia I guess I don’t have full blown MM but those symptoms seem to have derailed me enough. Will try to consistently read your blog as I think it could be helpful . . Thank you! Quarterly bloodwork coming up in a few weeks!

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