To treat or not to treat is still a question

This morning I read a very interesting “food for thought” article, just published in the “Oncology Times,” about the same old same old (question)…that is, should patients with so-called “high risk” smoldering myeloma be treated…or not? Here’s the link (you can download the entire article; look on the right, under “Article Tools”): hamlet-duplex-mankoff

I decided to publish the link without adding any comments, since, duh, you can imagine which approach I would choose…no mystery there. And my position in this matter is merely reinforced (in MY opinion, of course) by Dr. Berenson’s comments on the Spanish “high-risk” SMM chemo trial…for example, the “significant design problems” of that trial…hah, no kidding!

I thought it was noteworthy that Dr. Berenson mentions “curcumin” on page 25. Curcumin, as we well know, has  been totally ignored/dismissed/ridiculed/etc. by our specialists and only recently has managed to catch their attention…probably since so many of us take it…

Boy, sometimes it feels as though I’m beating my head against a brick wall…mamma mia.

Incidentally, I was surprised by the audience’s choice, in the end. Very surprised. Or was I, deep down? Hmmm…not sure. Oops, I promised NOT TO COMMENT. Drat. Okay, I will shut up now.

Anyway, whichever side you are on, this is an interesting debate…

If only we were disinterested spectators…


    1. Hi PH, I read that article , too, yesterday, and posted the link on my blog’s Facebook page. I would NEVER buy my supplements from any of those stores. The brands I take (which contain the C3 complex curcumin used in all the MM, MGUS and SMM trials) have been tested by Consumer Lab and found to be fine. In order to be safe, I wouldn’t take just any curcumin supplement…No, I’d stick to what has been used in the patient trials. Why take anything else? So that’s my response to that article. I admit, at first I was taken aback, too…but then I read the names of the stores and relaxed. No worries.

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