Turmeric compound boosts regeneration of brain stem cells

I’ve been working on a rather complicated post (don’t ask…) but decided to take a break today, after what happened in Paris yesterday…No words can express my horror..all I can say is: “Je Suis Charlie.”

It’s hard to focus on anything else…but earlier today I came across an intriguing Science Daily article on a study showing that another compound of turmeric — not curcumin, but something called ar-turmerone — “promotes stem cell regeneration and differentiation in the brain.” And so I decided to post the link: http://goo.gl/rNXok5

In addition to imbibing vast quantities of curcumin every day, I also use turmeric, the spice, in my cooking. Often. And now I’m VERY glad I do!

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  1. Dear Margaret I stumbled across your blog while researching tumeric and the Tumeric Users Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/415313751866609/
    and am keen to pass on this information to Signal Hill Sanctuary where Kris is tending to a very sick sheep and we are all hoping that Eve the sheep is on the mend. Someone suggested tumeric and I thought you may like to know and visit the Signal Hill Sanctuary https://www.facebook.com/SignalHillSanctuary
    looking forward to more of your blogs and love the grotto pictures – fantastic.
    I have a cat with nerve damage after a dog attack on his tail and want to try to adapt a tumeric remedy for him. The research continues…
    In health to you,

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