Curcumin can impair fear memories and ease PTSD symptoms

Well, I’ll be darned.

I thought I couldn’t possibly learn anything new about curcumin, but here are a couple of things that were published in a Medical Daily article two days ago:


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  1. i was taking curcumin for MGUS and coincidentally had severe PTSD, I had a stroke caused by anti anxiety medication SSRI. Told I coukd never take them ever again and was gutted!! I upped my curcumin to 6 g per day as my blood tests were due and I was worried, no change in anxiety initially but suddenly realised I felt like I did when I used to take an SSRI, u continue to take it as I believe it really helps and I was an anxious wreck, now I am much less anxious and without any medication. I did Google it and noticed there were a few studies on this. I take 6g day half with bio perine, half normal curcumin and 2 omega 3 high strength plus vit D and A to Z Micronutrient and also went gluten free for the last 8 months, feel much better, last results stable

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