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P1000011 - Version 2Yesterday Stefano scanned my test results and sent them to me, but I was out and about having fun with my sister and testing my new camera (btw, check out the fog here on Cape Cod yesterday… amazing, huh? …You can barely make out a woman walking her dogs in this photo = Route 6A in Brewster, Massachusetts) so I really didn’t have enough time to sit down and write a proper post. Actually, sis and I have another fun day planned today, too — we’re driving to Provincetown in a couple of hours, e.g. — but I decided I didn’t want to wait until tomorrow to write my test result post, so here goes…

Some of my results were good…others, not-so-good…

Let’s look at the good stuff first:

  • ESR (Italian VES): same as it was in February 2014, no change
  • C-reactive protein: it’s actually decreased a little bit, from 0.23 to 0.17 mg/dL. Still way within the normal range
  • Serum creatinine: slightly down and, again, still way within the normal range
  • Creatinine clearance: perfectly within normal range
  • Serum iron and ferritin: stable, within normal range
  • Glucose: stable, within normal range
  • Uric acid: it was over the normal range last time but is now back within the range, which is excellent news
  • Cholesterol: down 8 points from last time, which might possibly have something to do with guggulsterone’s anti-cholesterol activity, but who knows?
  • Liver function (GGT, ALT, AST): beautifully within the normal range
  • Calcium: 8.9 mg/dL, down slightly from 9 mg/dL, so still stable and nicely normal. 😉
  • Total protein: slightly down compared to last tests, even though it’s still a bit over the normal range.
  • No Bence Jones, as usual…yippeedoodee!
  • Total IgG is still high, and in fact I considered putting it in the “not-so-good” list, BUT it continues its downward trend (these results AND my February results), and that’s what’s important to me. IgM and IgA = no change compared to my previous two tests…still low but holding.
  • Freelites. My kappa/lambda ratio is a bit down, compared to my previous three tests. Good.

P1000025Not-so-good stuff:

  • My m-spike is slightly up compared to my last test. But it’s been higher in the past, so no worries. We’ll see how my next tests turn out. The seesaw effect…I’m used to it by now.
  • My red blood cells, hematocrit and hemoglobin have again slipped slightly under the normal range. Just slightly, but…darn it: I see molasses, flaxseed lignans, green veggies and, mostly, red meat in my near future. I can pull these numbers up, so I’m simply sighing a bit at this point.
  • Vitamin D is in the normal range but a bit on the low side. I haven’t been taking it consistently, I admit. Time to begin doing that…every day.

Sure, things could have been a lot better, but they could have also been a lot worse. So, all in all, I’m satisfied…And still happily smoldering away, fog or no fog… 😉


  1. YES Yay
    Also got my results.
    7 months on Cy/Bor/Dx 2 more to go
    Freelight Lambada was 66 (range 6-26) now 1
    IgG 26.0/28.0 stable (range 7.0 – 16.0) now 4.7
    Paraprotien was stable 19% now < 1%

    Albuminuria still very high and flutuating, but the y are VERY happy with free light chain results..

  2. Your Yeses are really good! I’m very pleased for that and for you. I like the new camera, by the way, whatever it is. That cat is pin-sharp.

  3. Margaret
    I have MM similar and very close to you. I would summarize my recent test results almost word-for-word as you have. Not knowing what most of your actual numbers are I cannot state this with certainty. Since I started a combination of TAB’s program and my own, my numbers have continued to go down where it counts or as least stay stable. Yes, they are only numbers but I do pay attention to them.


  4. Margaret,

    How long have you been taking curcumin and how long have you had a downward trend in IGG? Or does the IGG bounce around?

    I also noticed the m-spike bounces around even though the IGM seems fairly consistent and downward. I wonder whether the bouncing is error in the test?

    1. Never mind. I saw some of your test results from 2006 to 2010 (why did you stop posting them)? I do see that the IGG number jumps around quite a bit. Bummer.

      I wonder how hard it would be to create a website that allows people to enter their curcumin regimen and their historical numbers (anonymously of course) so that we can compare how other people’s regimen is working (or not ) Sort of create our own research website. The only problem is that there would have to be some way to verify that the people are actually submitting their own numbers and not made up numbers to make you buy whatever brand they list.

      I would be willing to submit my numbers for the cause – I only have a about a year and a half of data though.

      Stay well.

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