Tests and trips

I still can’t believe I’m leaving for the U.S. NEXT TUESDAY! Yes, I am. No kidding. But…where did September and October go? I have no idea.

In addition to the fact that plane fares are much much lower in the off-season, which means I got an excellent deal!, here’s the main reason for my November U.S. trip: my Dad’s going to be 87 years old on November 19th. That deserves a party, don’t you think? 🙂 So part of my family is getting together…My sister, who lives in Arizona, will be on Cape Cod tomorrow morning, and I will get there on Tuesday, as mentioned above.

Arizona – Massachusetts – Italy. It’s not easy to be so far away from my family…but when we get together, it’s wonderful. I look forward to baking apple pies and making squash-based soups, playing Scrabble with my sister and my Dad (and losing, I’m sure!, since my sister plays Scrabble all the time, whereas I don’t…except when I’m with her or my niece…), and, well, just being with my family…

I’ll be in the States for two whole weeks. Stefano can’t get away right now, so he’s staying here in Florence with our SEVEN kitties. Poor guy. He’s definitely outnumbered! 😉 Speaking of the kitties, newly-arrived Pammy has adjusted splendidly to life inside our house. However, it hasn’t been that easy (see my recent “Blogging and strolling” post). _MG_2535

In the first week or so, Stefano and I weren’t sure that Pammy would settle down and get along with the other cats. She was so upset at times that we were even prepared to put her outside again…with much regret, of course. But she has now stopped screeching at the other cats and isn’t as bossy as she was a few weeks ago. She sleeps on our bed with the other cats, loves playing with the laser pointer toy, and has become the picture of bliss and happiness, purring all the time and coming up to us often to be petted. Mainly, though, she shows no interest in the outside world (where she wouldn’t survive, according to our vet). So no, it hasn’t been easy, but our patience has finally paid off. She’s a lovely cat, and we love her to bits.

Speaking of love: Pammy loves her wet food mixed with curcumin. 🙂 Yeah, she fits right into this household!

Another topic…an incredibly important one! Tomorrow I’m going to the lab to have my blood drawn. So today is “Bence Jones” day (yippee…er, not!). I was supposed to have my tests done back in May, after returning to Italy from our Easter trip to the U.S., but, as you may remember, my Dad had a stroke, so I didn’t come home until June…and I NEVER have tests done in hot weather (they always turn out worse…so “no-tests-in-summer” is a pet peeve of mine). Anyway, before leaving for the U.S., I wanted to have my tests done and over with. This is my guggulsterone experiment, by the way…hope it makes a difference!

Will you wish me luck for tomorrow? 🙂 Thanks!

MORE THAN NINE SMOLDERING YEARS…and still going strong…


  1. Very good luck for tomorrow, Margaret! Hope you have a wonderful time in the States.
    Best wishes,

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