Animated myeloma

This morning I came across a series of 2-3 minute animations created by Myeloma UK to explain various aspects of myeloma to patients and their families/caregivers. What an excellent idea!

I just finished watching the first animation, which shows how a plasma cell turns into a myeloma cell. Very well done, I thought, so I decided to post the link immediately, without even watching the others. I mean, if the other animations are as well done as the first one, they should be extremely useful in particular to folks who have just been diagnosed and are having a hard time (as I did, in the beginning) understanding what is happening…

Here is the link:

Now I’m going to watch the last one, in particular, and the one about bone disease…(thanks for the link, Delilah!). Good stuff!

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  1. Watched them all last night, and found them very interesting and easy to follow, having just been diagnosed at the very starting point of asympotmatic myeloma (IgG kappa) Professor Gordon Cook said it was only because they decided to use flow crtometry on my bone marrow (only 2%plasma) because of my age of 49, every other test was showing I was MGUS, so for the last few weeks I have been reading your blog and it is like a breath of fresh air.

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