Leukemic cells transformed back into normal cells: could that be possible…some day?

I was fascinated and intrigued by almost everything I read in this New Yorker article written by Jerome Groopman who is, among other things, a hematologist: https://goo.gl/ (thanks for posting the link on FB, Don!) I’m going to re-read the article tomorrow…it contains so much food for thought, too much for just one session, in my opinion…but in the meantime I thought I’d post the link so that you can have a look, too, if you want…

The article focuses on the idea that some day we might be able to turn leukemic cells into normal, healthy red and white blood cells and platelets, using a drug that doesn’t kill everything in its path (= healthy cells as well as cancer cells) but that targets only the leukemic cells…without killing them! Mind boggling, isn’t it?

It’s impossible to list all the other interesting stuff that you can read about in this article — for example, the case studies described by Dr. Groopman…the section he devotes to pancreatic cancer and pancreatic cancer patients and the Notch gene (I’ve written some posts on the dastardly Notch mutation, which is important in myeloma, too…just do a Search of my blog for “Notch”). And, by the way, curcumin inhibits Notch…yep, it does. Again, search my blog…

Anyway, if you find yourself without anything good to read this weekend, click on the above link. You won’t be sorry, I’m sure!

Okay, I need to get back to work now. Ciao! 🙂


  1. I saw my MM specialist this week at Hopkins. I have MGus which is slowly progressing, but at age 83, we are not worried too much about progressing before my demise….When the hematologist read my supplement list and came to L-Arginine, he stopped and told me that they are looking at it more closely….Dont stop taking it,, which I promised. Has anyone heard about that before in relationship to MM?

  2. My wife has MM and has been on L-arginine to reduce some arterial calcification she found on a heart scan. It increases Nitric Oxide in the blood and helps rid the calcification. L-citrulline will also increase NO. After reading your comment, I looked into its connection to MM and found some posts that say Nitric Oxide is not good for MM/cancer and by extension anything that causes an increase of NO in the blood. Here are A few I found.




    Look at the last one. Although it isn’t about MM It has info about NO and by a researcher at Hopkins. We aren’t using it again and looking into ways to avoid dietary sources.

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