Spam talk

no spamI have a very efficient anti-spam program. It blocks all the stupid and at times irritating stuff that clogs (or tries to clog!) every single website/blog in the world, for reasons unknown to me.

But yesterday, as I was (by chance) skimming through the recent comments that had ended up in my blog’s endless spam folder, I realized that my Spambuster has perhaps been a tad too efficient. The spam folder included in fact a number of legitimate blog reader comments. Horror!

spamI don’t know why these particular comments were blocked by the Spambuster. In any event, I approved as many as I could, then got a bit overwhelmed and decided to post a quick note today on the blog…

From now on I will be checking the spam folder as often as possible, but I would like to ask for your collaboration in this, er, new task…as follows: if your comment doesn’t get published within a few days, please get in touch with me, and I will try to retrieve it from the Spambuster’s clutches.

Thank you! And…have a fabulous, fun-filled weekend, everyone! Ciao! 🙂

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