More on the modified measles vaccine: a personal story

Many thanks to Karen for posting the link to a Mayo Clinic article that contains more details about the modified measles vaccine study that I discussed briefly in my previous post. More specifically, it tells us more about the woman who had the best response to the treatment, which gives us the personal side to this story…always very nice to have. An interesting read:

Fingers crossed for her…and for all of us!!!


  1. We were in Oregon when the Mayo story came out on that Wednesday. I texted our doc in Jacksonville and said we wanted to talk about it on Monday when we returned to Mayo. Scott was to start a new trial after our chemo free vacation ended. During the Monday visit, our doc called Minnesota to find out more. The next trial is starting in September as they are currently growing the measles in the lab for the next group….and it’s a big project. In the meantime, Scott needed to be tested for measles antibodies as part of the criteria. Since we are babies of the 50’s, we didn’t think we had anything to worry about but forgot about that manditory MMR he got in 1991 because of an outbreak at the university. Well, you guessed it….he tested positive for measles antiibodies and so we are back on the downslope of that roller coaster of emotions. I believe we are on to something really HUGE here with this response though, a better understanding of the difference in one person’s outcome versus the other four. I’ll take a 20% success for CR any day…. ;D

  2. Hi,
    Would we test positive for the measles antibodies after a stem cell transplant even if one was vaccinated before the onset of myeloma?

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