Tulip mania

IMG_9060I simply adore tulips. Last fall, with the help of a friend, I planted a whole bunch in my back garden…different colors, different types, smaller ones, bigger ones…


And now we can finally admire the fruits of our labors…

Some of my tulips have been blooming for the past week or so, and more are getting ready to…burst.

IMG_9087They’re so lovely, in my opinion, and they give me a sense of happiness when I walk among them or even just look out at them, standing as still as elegant little sentinels wearing colorful hats…IMG_9075

Anyway, here are a few photos I took yesterday, a glorious sunny day here in Firenze!IMG_9085




Happiness can be found in small things…


  1. If anyone loves tulips the consider a visit to Keukenhof Gardens in the Netherlands outside Amsterdam. It is absolutely stunning.

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