Ajoene, from garlic…

Today a blog reader/friend (merci!) sent me the link to a very interesting Science Daily article about the superhero-strong antibacterial properties of one of garlic’s chemical compounds, called ajoene: http://goo.gl/W0oNCc While we already knew about the antibacterial activity of garlic, the Science Daily article has some new information that I found really interesting…And that is why I would like to recommend it in particular to those who suffer from (recurrent) infections–a big problem for many myeloma folks.

Now, while I love garlic and don’t mind having “garlic” breath afterwards, my Stefano can’t digest it at all, which means that we almost never have ANY when we’re eating together. But I make up for that as often as possible…when I’m alone, that is (lunchtime, usually). For example, I adore pasta mixed with chopped up and slightly cooked (in olive oil) garlic, parsley, Nigella sativa and a bit of hot pepper. Try it. And yes, I use lots of garlic in this dish…at least 4-5 cloves. Actually, hmmmm, that doesn’t come anywhere close to the amount of garlic mentioned in the Science Daily article, as you will see…But, after all (knock on wood!), I don’t have any recurrent, tough-to-beat infections (I did in the pre-curcumin period, though! Curcumin is another substance that is antibacterial and antiviral…it got rid of my pesky, painful yeast infections, as I’ve written in many posts…)…Anyway, this Science Daily article might, I hope!, be something helpful that infection-prone folks can show to their doctors…

IMG_8865Okay, quick change of subject. Yesterday, while I was working at my computer, my big boy Piccolo jumped onto my desk and draped himself between me and my keyboard, purring like mad. I had to stop working, of course…I mean, I couldn’t reach the keyboard anymore! Anyway, he looked so adorable and loving that I just had to take a few photos and share at least one with y’all!

And now…I’d better get back to work before one of my other six cats gets the same idea! 😉


  1. Years ago, a family member (Italian) touted the benefits of garlic..I was a mere 20 yrs old & really didn’t like garlic although being Italian all foods (except gelato) was smothered in garlic. Yrs later, I don’t eat garlic, but I believe that U can purchase garlic supplements (they look like a fish oil capsule) & there is absolutely no garlic “breath”.

  2. Anent Piccolo, four of our eight rescues are (like Piccolo) Tuxedo Cats. We now refer to our home as “Tuxedo Junction”.

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