Happy holidays!!!

We’re in Arizona, at my sister’s place in Scottsdale. Wow. I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing this trip has been, how wonderful it is to be reunited with my sister and niece, and with a nephew I hadn’t seen in a very long time… But I’m typing this on my iPad, so I’ll have to make it short.

We’ve also been sightseeing. Yesterday Stefano and I went to the Botanical Gardens and were blown away. It was spectacular. We got photos of a sleeping screech owl (?) with its head resting outside its nest, which was a hole in a saguaro cactus. Stefano also got some amazing shots of a hummingbird drinking nectar. Paradise. So different from anything we’ve ever seen…anywhere!

The day after Xmas Stefano and I will be leaving on a 5-day tour of the area around Sedona. We’ll be back here in Scottsdale on New Year’s Eve.

well, typing this way is a bit of a drag, I must admit. So let me just wish everyone a very happy holiday and good times with your loved ones.

Buone Feste!!!  🙂


  1. Glad you are enjoying Arizona! I live in Scottsdale and the weather has been lovely, you’ll love Sedona. Hope you can see the Grand Canyon, it is lovely in the winter. Merry Christmas.

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