Up and down, up and down…

IMG_5429Three towns in one day. IMG_5442

And these weren’t easy-to-visit towns all located on flat ground, but Medieval towns perched on the tops of hills, which meant we went up and down hills, up and down hills, up and (oh, I already mentioned that!)…all day, pant pant…pant!!! 😉

Yesterday, you see, we drove our two friends–the ones who are visiting from Cape Cod, U.S.A.–into the stunning countryside south of Florence…specifically, to Monteriggioni (a circular Medieval walled town built by the inhabitants of Siena in 1213), Siena (does Siena need an introduction? I don’t think so!), and finally San Gimignano (ditto!). IMG_5480IMG_5467

We had such a great time…and it was a glorious day, too (it rained today, so we really lucked out!).

And, speaking of luck, yesterday’s day trip made me realize how lucky I am to live so close to all these gorgeous places…IMG_5517

As usual, I took a lot of photos…


I’ve selected just a few (from each town), which I hope you will enjoy.

By the way, if you want to read a brief description of each photo, just hover with your mouse over the image and, yes, a brief description will, or should!, appear… 🙂











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    Hope you are well and nice to follow your blog and on Facebook.

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