Probiotics and antibodies…

I’m working this morning, but I did take a break to check out a few things, including this Science Daily article on probiotics used as a “weapon to fight cancer.” It deals specifically with myeloma, leukemia and lymphoma patients who have had allogeneic bone marrow transplants and graft-versus-host-disease. So I thought I’d post the link before getting back to work:

Interesting, huh?

Well, it’s not really surprising, considering that something like 80% of our immune system is located in our gut, which gives us a super good reason to keep everything healthy and happy down there, even if we are “only” MGUS or SMM…Hmmm, in fact, before getting back to work, I’m going to go take some probiotics…off I go…

Ciaoooo! 🙂

Oh, almost forgot. I also came across this article, which deals specifically with myeloma and is titled: “Possible treatment for serious blood cancer.” That “serious blood cancer” is myeloma, of course. Here is the link: Will have to keep an eye on this one…

And finally, a quick P.S.: we had a very good Tuscan meal last night (starting out with crostini and bruschetta…and ending with a delightful crema al mascarpone, mmmmh), great views of Firenze right from our table, lots of laughs with our friends, good wine, excellent service…The restaurant owner even gave me a red rose, which was such a lovely touch…All in all, a very successful anniversary celebration! 🙂


  1. Hi Margaret, I do not use milk products so I make water Kefir beverage. Full of probiotics and lots of good vitamins, especially the B’s. If you were closer I could send you some Kefir grains and get you started. This beverage replaces pop because it is very carbonated. I have mixed it with different fruits and juices but my favourite right now is mixed with vanilla to make cream soda.

  2. I’ve been on the phone a lot today with my doctor’s office. based on a big rise in my m-spike since Feb. 2013 (still under 3.0 though) , progressing to osteoporosis, and albumen in my urine, she has prescribed MRIs of my spine to see if I now have myeloma. The MRIs would be contrasts, which would require injecting gadolinium twice. I questioned this since gadolinium supposedly encourages cancer. And since there is no cure for myeloma, is it worth the risk? The nurse says there are treatments; but I have heard so often that chemotherapy is deadly and I’m not sure I want to do that. (Although the full recommendation of turmeric doesn’t seem to have stopped my “progress”) So, I’m wondering if anyone has faced a similar situation and found a good solution. Also, can anyone recommend a really outstanding doctor or cancer center in the New Jersey area? I would like to get a second opinion about how to go on this. Thank you. Mary T

  3. I agree Margaret I too will get ono the probiotics,
    also agree Bev about the Kefir.
    I have a GUT 🙂 feeling this should be our priority,
    it makes total sense…nourish our guts.
    And is winter take those large amounts of Vit C, not forgetting manuka honey. New Zealand is prven to be the highest quality from our Manuka plants and our soil quality.

  4. Hi Mary T
    You mention “…tumeric doesn’t seem to have stopped my progress”
    Wondering what type of supplement and amount you are taking. Eg curcumin c3 complex? 8 gms per day? I was on 4g per day for 8 months and stable but m spike also began to rise. 10 gms per day at the moment has knocked it back down.

  5. The probiotic thing is interesting. One of my earliest MM symptoms was frequent GI trouble, which I think was due to very low functioning IgA and IgG (due to suppression from the MM). After successful treatment, I was symptom free for years. Only recently have I started feeling yucky again, so I think it’s time to try some probiotics. Thanks for all of your vigilance and hard work!

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